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3 Simple Blog Writing Tips from Robot Ninjas

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Post a More Effective Tool 1

Every time we sit down to write a blog we hope our audience finds it useful. We hope this leads to them sharing our useful blog. And we hope our audience grows because the people it was shared with also found it useful. Our blog is a tool and if no one finds it useful, it’s a pretty crappy tool. So how do you ensure your blog posts remain useful to our readers? Here are 3 quick and easy Robot Ninja approved blog writing tips:

Say Something New: Establish Your Authority

The purpose of your blog isn’t to regurgitate what you’ve seen on other industry blogs, it’s to bring a new perspective to a common issue. What haven’t you read about that you find yourself thinking about often? That’s what you should be writing about. Especially if that thing you think about all the time is really pissing you off. Writing about what upsets you about your industry has two huge benefits:

  1. You’ll feel better about it once you’ve taken the time to write about it. And…
  2. People who share your anger are likely to engage with and share your post.

So let it out. Let the anger flow through you…wait a second, where have I heard that before? Ah yes, Emperor Palpatine. That guy had some really good advice.


Structure: Make It Easy to Consume

Our attention span these days is at an all-time low. (Thanks a lot, amazing technology at our fingertips with an endless choice of entertainment.) So to combat this your blog posts must be stylized with short paragraphs like this one and multiple subheadings like “Make The Structure Is Easy to Consume” and fun art like ninjas who are also robots doing things Robot Ninjas might do. It’s not rocket science, it’s psychology, and our brains need you to get to the point already!


Check Your Technical SEO

As the great philosopher Ice Cube once said “Check your technical SEO, before you wreck your technical SEO.” He’s a wise man that Ice Cube, which is why he will make an amazing Secretary of State under President Kanye. So what does he mean by technical SEO? Here’s a checklist:

Post Title: Short, sweet, captivating, and keyword rich. Most people won’t get past your headline no matter how good it is, so it better be good. You can also have a separate page title that can use your keywords differently, but a good post title should suffice for both.

Keywords: Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing, but keywords still matter. Your writing should be such that your keywords are naturally used, but be sure to check for them anyway. Are they in the title/title tag, url, meta description, and first paragraph? If not, you should rewrite all of those.

Meta Description: This is the short snippet that shows up in SERPs for your post. You want to it to be descriptive, enticing, keyword-rich, and no longer than 160 characters.

Images/Meta Tags/Alt Text: Good copy requires good art to go with it. You need to spend the time to find quality images for your post and be sure to add appropriate meta tags and alt-text to your photos because they are searchable components to all your posts and could be how readers find you.

Links: Well placed internal and external links will help optimize your post and give added value to the reader who may need additional information.

Categories/Tags: Establishing consistent categories help the user find similar content on your site, which can keep them on your site, lower your bounce rate, which improves the quality of your site in the eyes of the search engines. While it may not be a direct ranking factor, everything that makes your site a better resource for the user is good SEO.

There you go, some quick hitter tips to improve your blog posts. Follow these tips and you can’t–well, you can still go wrong in a multitude of ways, but this should significantly lessen your chances of complete failure . Hope you liked the post, and if you did, share it and come back for more.

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