What is PPC Advertising?

Paid search, or Pay-per-click advertising, is a form of online advertising where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad rather than display advertising where you pay for impressions. PPC ads can be a useful tool for bringing traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and improve conversion rates. A well-written PPC ad can effectively market your website, product, or services to a targeted audience searching for exactly what you have to offer.

Here at Robot Ninjas we are adept at many forms of PPC advertising, particularly with our friends at Google.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the preeminent service for PPC ads and our certified professionals can help you build an effective Adwords campaign. You’ve seen these ads every time you search on Google. It used to be the top three results as well an additional list on the right-hand side, though Google recently announced they’ve increased it to the top four results for “highly commercial queries” and will no longer have the right column of ads with the exception of product listing ads (PLAs). The visibility and effectiveness of these ads is unparalleled on the web and having an experienced team create and run an effective campaign for your business is essential.

Also, you should know that Google owns YouTube and any video advertisements there or through out their vast display network would also run through Google Adwords, and yes, we have experienced certified professionals for video advertising as well.

Facebook & Twitter Ads

Both Facebook and Twitter provide forms of PPC advertising and you can learn more about those on our social media marketing services page. These platforms are better used to grow your following and broaden your community than increase direct sales, and for any forward thinking business, both are important. Like all ninjas, the Robot Ninja is skilled in a variety of disciplines, and as such can help you with all your digital marketing needs.

What we’re trying to say is…

Robot Ninjas can help you create an effective PPC campaign across many platforms to increase traffic and conversions on your website.