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Any digital marketing professional has heard the same mantra a million times: “Content is King.” And it’s true, content is in fact the king of digital marketing. You can have an expensive design and you can build all the links in the world but if your content does not engage users and give them a reason to come to your site and share your site with others—then all will be for not. After creating great content, content marketing is what will help that content get to the right people–a large targeted audience.

What is engaging content?

There are many ways to create engaging content on your website. Beyond written words that your visitors find useful, informative, or entertaining—which is where you should always start when thinking about your web content—there are also creative ways to deliver that content like with videos or infographics.

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At Robot Ninjas we ask our clients to answer one question first: “What can you offer users that they can’t get anywhere else?” Whatever that is, that’s the content you lead with. Secondly, we ask our clients  “Who is your ideal user?” You must know your audience well if you plan to create content that engages with them.

The most important thing to remember when creating content is to never stop thinking about how you can help the visitors of your site. If you always keep their needs in mind when you create content, you can’t go wrong.

Once we have great content what comes next?

Great content doesn’t do all the work on it’s own, it needs help to find the people who need it the most. That’s where the marketing side of content marketing comes in. Finding relevant sites to promote your content through advertisements or endorsements, using social media to amplify that content, and reaching out to industry influencers to share and collaborate with are all ways Robot Ninjas will help your content find its audience and bring traffic to your site.

So what we’re saying is…

Robot Ninjas is ready to help you create and market engaging and original content so you can reach new customers and grow your business. So pick up the phone or hit the button below and get started learning the way of the Robot Ninja…