Five Tips for Effective Link Building
In the world of SEO, the appropriate use of backlinks is crucial to the success of your business’s digital marketing, content marketing, and social media campaigns. Well-placed backlinks will help direct readers to your website and increase its rankings, so it is important to know how to acquire back-links and to continue to do so over time. Listed below are five tips for effective link building that are sure to help improve your website’s ranking:

1. Create “Link-bait” Content

One of the most important steps for getting people to link to your website is to make sure you are putting up content that people actually want to link to. Ensuring that your content is relevant and unique will have people sharing and linking back to it, and they are likely to keep coming back to your website for more. Link-bait is not to be confused with click-bait, click-bait implies there will be regret after you click, whereas link-bait must be so good that someone goes out of their way to share your content with others. Very important to know the difference.

2. Try Surveys or Polls

Building off of tip number 1, you might be wondering how you determine what content is considered “link-bait” for your particular website. To get this information, try creating a survey to see what your readers want more of. Surveys are a free, fun way for your organization to gather information you need to help generate new, interesting content, leading to more links! When people participate in surveys they are likely to check back with your website to see the results, linking back to you and creating more traffic for your website. Try experimenting with some polls on Twitter and see what kind of feedback you get, let it help guide your content decisions.

3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

It might be tempting to overload your page with as many backlinks as possible; however, this can actually end up hurting your page’s ranking with Google. Having excessive links can lead to an algorithmic penalty, resulting in your website’s removal from Google’s search index. Instead of stuffing your website with links, focus on making the links you use of the highest quality. Contextual links from relevant sources will, generally speaking, be much more beneficial to your business. And don’t just focus on on-site content, try reaching out and requesting guest-posting opportunities.

4. Optimize (Don’t Over-Optimize) Your Anchor Text

Many people disregard the importance of their anchor text, also known as the words inside of a link. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to mix up the keywords that you are using as anchor text. Using the same keyword over and over again can actually trigger a spam detector, so diversifying your anchor text is crucial. If you are struggling with your anchor text, you can also give two other common linking techniques a try: generic terms like “click here”, as well as naked URLs.

5. Amplify Content Through Social Media

While posting on social media sites is not necessarily an effective tool in and of itself, it is a great (and usually free!) way to increase your visibility, leading to more organic link building. When you are active on social media, people are more likely to share and mention your business and your content. That’s why many websites have noticed a correlation between the number of backlinks they generate and the number of shares their page has gotten.

Navigating the world of digital marketing can be tricky, especially as the number of businesses using blogs and SEO continues to increase. Keep the five tips for link building listed above in mind as you embark on or continue your digital marketing or content marketing campaigns and you are sure to notice a jump in your website’s ranking.

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