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By September 27, 2015 No Comments
Search Engines and SEO: Birth and Evolution 1

Hello! We are very excited to welcome you to the Robot Ninja Blog! This is our first post. Like a child’s first step, a new world of possibilities has opened up to us and we’re looking forward to mostly falling down and running into things for the first couple years.

In actuality, we’ve been in this digital marketing game a long time and we’re looking forward to sharing our experiences and knowledge with you guys here on the blog. And we promise not to be too myopic and only talk about our work and our experiences. We will talk A LOT about what’s going on in the world of digital marketing and how recent innovations can affect the way you operate your business online.

Things move fast in this industry and it’s our job to keep up with every change, whether it’s a new content marketing tactic or the latest trend in web design or the occasional Google algorithm update which we all love to speculate on.

We’ll talk about all here on the Robot Ninja Blog. Hopefully you may learn something from time to time and maybe we’ll even manage to accidentally entertain you with our incomparable wit. No one’s actually ever commented on our wit, which is why it’s incomparable.

ANYWAY, again welcome and we’re glad you found us. We hope you enjoy it here and you leave a comment and come back soon and share us with your friends and dedicate the new library at your university to us and mention us in your wedding toast. All that good stuff.

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Kevin O'Connor has been in the digital marketing game for over 7 years. He writes these blogs, scripts for videos on the web and TV, short films, and all kinds of other fun stuff. He wrote this description of himself, for example. He thinks it's weird to write in the 3rd person.

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