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How We Made Boogers Cute: A Video Marketing Story

The Boogie Buster: How to Make Boogies Cute

In Las Vegas, video production can be a very interesting job. We get to work with a lot of fun companies and from time to time we like to share the story behind our work to give you a little insight into how the sausage is made. In this instance, it’s made with boogers. Boogers and love.

The Assignment:

The client wanted videos for a new product they were launching that was, well, unique. It’s called The Original Boogie Buster by ULUBULU and it’s a nasal aspirator for infants that works by having someone (most likely a parent) literally suck the boogers from a baby’s nose. We know, we know…sounds gross. The gross out factor was our first concern. We also needed to show the US market how this aspirator worked, for many in Europe this style of aspirator is well known, in fact in France it’s commonly given to new parents by the hospital.

The Solution:

Create an animated video that explains how the product works in a way that’s cute, informative, and sells. Also, shoot a testimonial video with new parents who used the product and loved it.

We wanted to accomplish two things with these videos:

  • Introduce the product and show people how it works (a “How To” video) in a way that would overcome the initial gross out factor and entice a customer to try it.
  • Tell a human story using real parents who can tell us why other parents what it’s like to use use The Boogie Buster and why it’s worth trying out.

If we accomplish both of these objectives we’ll have a great final product and more importantly, a happy client.

The “How To” Video

After some brainstorming we decided that the “How To” part of our mission had to be an animated video. With animation we could take something visually unappealing like a sick baby having snot sucked from its nose into something cute and catchy. As the script writer I knew it was important to clearly explain 3 things:

1) how the product works

2) what makes it more effective than the bulb syringe most US parents know, and finally

3) I had to come up with a line that was cute and catchy.

The first two were easy enough, I knew how the product worked and I knew all the reasons it was superior to the bulb. The last part took the most time, there were several lesser iterations, but in the end, I gotta say I’m pretty proud of it. Take a look:

What do you guys think? Not bad, right? Boogie-free and free to boogie? Admit it, you thought it was cute.

ANYWAY, that was our way of taking a product that’s relatively unknown and visually unappealing and making it easy to understand and unless you’re somehow anti-dancing baby, pretty darn cute.

A Human Connection

Our next objective was to tell a story about the product that would connect with parents. The key for us was tapping into what it feels like for parents when their kid gets sick. This is especially scary when you are new parents. Fortunately for us, we had some new parents in the Robot Ninja family who were able to use The Boogie Buster and absolutely loved it. It always helps when what you’re selling is a great product.

When it comes to testimonial videos one of the things we’ve learned over the years is authenticity is imperative and it’s very obvious when someone is reading a script. So for this shoot we didn’t use a script like we would for a normal ad and we didn’t bring our subjects to the studio. We shot the video in their home and we asked them to tell us a story about what it was like when their son got sick for the first time.

What goes through your mind when your baby is sick?

How difficult is it to see your baby in pain?

How did your baby react to the bulb syringe?

How effective was the bulb syringe?

How did it feel the first time you used The Boogie Buster and it worked?

We asked these questions because that’s what the product does. It helps babies who can’t breathe on their own, breathe. It helps parents alleviate their child’s pain in a way that’s more effective and less invasive than what they’ve known. Once you see the product that way, you stop thinking about snot being sucked out through a tube. Take a look:

We’re lucky to work with a very talented production team here at Robot Ninjas, and we think they did a great job with this video. We loved working with ULUBULU. Please go check them out, they have great products for the little ones. And remember, when you’re boogie free…you’re free to boogie.

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