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Tips For An Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

Tips For An Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign
Having an up-to-date inbound marketing campaign is essential for businesses today since the ways that consumers discover new brands and decide what to buy is rapidly changing. Today, people will do research online, read reviews and comparison shop using their smartphone before reaching out to your company. If you don’t have a solid inbound campaign to grab their attention, build brand awareness and provide them with all the information that they need, consumers won’t include your brand in their buying decision. Here are some simple tips for an effective inbound marketing campaign:

Know Your Customers

Do you want customers to find your company instead of looking for customers through traditional outbound marketing methods? If so, you have to decide where to concentrate your efforts to reach your target audience. Look at the demographics for social media platforms, choose the most relevant ones and post content that your typical customers will enjoy. I know that’s easier said than done, but if you create an accurate customer persona first, it will ensure your content will remain focused and relevant. Create content to please your customers instead of simply shoving your agenda down their throat.

Keep Creating Fresh Content, Keep Answering Questions

Link building is pointless if you point people to your website only to have them leave because there is nothing of value to them there. Fortunately, if a website is SEO-friendly, with valuable content that answers consumer’s questions, it’s also visitor-friendly. Build your website with engaging, useful information and the search engines will find you. When creating content for a new page always start with “What question does this page answer? Is it helpful?” You’ll be surprised with how much those two questions help.

Some of our clients ask us, “Do I really need a blog?” Yes. Yes you do. Adding a blog to your site is essential for creating fresh, search engine-friendly content and it keeps you engaged in making your site better every day.

Don’t Ignore The Power Of Shareable Content

Create an infographic, white paper or ebook that people will share and let consumers spread the word about your brand. Having a professional create content that is shareable and creative can bring people back to your site again and again.

Find The Right People To Represent Your Brand

Define your brand and then make sure everyone who engages in content marketing; including employees who are updating content on your website, producing social media posts and creating videos for your business, understands who your ideal customers are and how they consume content. Don’t force employees to write Facebook posts; if you don’t have anyone who shines in this area, outsource the work to experienced professionals (like the ones here at Robot Ninjas!).

Track Your Efforts

Are people sharing your social media posts? Are people reading and commenting on your blog posts? Use every analytical tool at your disposal to see what works and what isn’t working for you so you can concentrate on the tactics that are helping you to build brand awareness with consumers. Buzzsumo, Moz, and Google Analytics are a few of our favorites for reporting that helps you improve your digital marketing efforts.

Leads from inbound marketing typically cost less than leads from traditional outbound marketing tactics like paid ads and annoying cold calls, so you can’t afford to go without an effective inbound marketing plan. Savvy businesses are putting their marketing resources into social media and content marketing more and more and finding that not only are they getting a better ROI for their marketing dollars, but they’re also growing their community of loyal customers online.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the inbound marketing train before you get left behind.

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